Executive Level/Senior Military Resume

This Résumé Service offers a high-level resume for executive and senior management. 

RESUME: Executive Level 

Allow us to craft you a compelling résumé that grabs the attention of prospective employers today!  We will focus on YOUR unique skill sets and accomplishments.  We will take the time to understand our clients and their individual needs. 

Your résumé will showcase how your skills and experience will contribute to the hiring managers bottom line objective.  Your résumé will be developed in a manner in which it’s easily understood to the employer and will differentiate you.  This résumé will be sure to position you ahead of your competition.  It will showcase your personal brand from hundreds of applicants and ensure they call you for an interview! This résumé will convey your value to hiring managers and capture the reader’s interest in those first crucial seconds! Distinguish yourself from the competition and show your assets to make you a strong candidate for the position.  Don’t allow them to overlook your résumé! Let us showcase your career highlights, and remind the hiring manager of your qualifications. We promise to design and deliver a dynamic résumé to you!   

 *Final versions emailed to you in Word*


RESUME: Senior Military 

***Principle Writer’s Specialty***          

First and foremost, I would like to personally thank you for your service to our country!!! Are you transitioning from the Military?  Maybe you have already transitioned and need some assistance to present your military career on paper? 

What is different about our Military to Civilian Resumes?  

★★Our Principle Writer is a PROUD MILITARY VETERAN★★ 

She holds an extensive military background and is extremely proud of her years served in the military.  BLUF she understands the military terminology! She knows the lingo and can craft you a military to civilian résumé today! She always takes absolute pride in designing a résumé that will have you standing at “ATTENTION” today! Every military to civilian résumé she designs and delivers is personal to her.  She strives to go above and beyond to show off your military talents!

At First Class Résumés & Career Services we value our Military Service Members! Military members are also HIGHLY valuable in the corporate sector as well! Allow us to showcase your military talents to the civilian hiring managers NOW!  This Résumé Service offers a Résumé for military professional candidates.  Let us “civilianize” your military background into a language that the private sector will comprehend and value. This will give you a competitive edge in landing the job that’s ideal for you.

The problem is many hiring managers haven’t served in the military, so it can be extremely frustrating to communicate what you have done in the military.  Allow us to design and deliver you a dynamic resume that translates it to the corporate sector today! Your career progression and highlights achieved while defending our country are translated into civilian terminology. 

Let First Class Résumés & Career Services assist your transition to the corporate world with an outstanding résumé today!

  *Final versions emailed to you in Word*


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