LinkedIn Profile Makeover

LinkedIn profile overhaul to attract hiring managers and recruiters to your specific industry.  A professional LinkedIn Profile is essential in oday’s tough economy. You need every advantage to ensure your LinkedIn profile stands out from the crowd.  

You don’t have the time to write your LinkedIn profile? Need professional advice on how to make your profile shine?  We will work with you to optimize your profile so it conveys your highlights and showcase you as someone who deserves to be noticed! 

Together we can tell the world that you are an expert in your field! A DYNAMIC LinkedIn Profile Markets YOU!! 

Having a professional LinkedIn Profile is crucial in your job search as well as today’s hiring managers.  Allow us to give you the advantage to ensure your profile will stand out today!  Your LinkedIn Profile will attract hiring managers, recruiters and others to your specific career industry.  When someone conducts a search for you in LinkedIn, they will see your profile. Your profile is an ongoing document that should continually be updated.  

We set up your profile & enter all your above information into LinkedIN So you don’t have to do a thing!



A Dynamic Headline

Captivating Summary 

3 Professional Experiences 

Your skills & expertise 

List of Education 

Organizations, Honors & Awards,


Volunteer Experiences,

Certifications &



Contact Information 

LinkedIn Settings 

Customized LinkedIn URL 

LinkedIn Profile SEO  




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