This Résumé offers a career document for individuals geared towards a GS 15 position.  Allow us to craft you a strong federal resume that says you are ready for the federal workforce!  Gain the attention of the federal HR Manager today with this résumé! We will clearly outline your unique background and show them you’re a true professional! Let them know you mean business today!  We will tailor a unique resume to each client to ensure your success.    

You will receive a carefully designed Federal Resume targeted specifically for your Federal Career application. In addition you will receive personal attention from your Certified Federal Career Coach and Certified Professional Resume Writer.  

Allow us to craft you a compelling résumé that grabs the attention of prospective employers today!  We will focus on YOUR unique skill sets and accomplishments.  We will take the time to understand our clients and their individual needs. Your federal résumé will showcase how your skills and experience will contribute to the agency’s bottom line objective.  

 You will receive a usajobs compliant Federal resume.  Which includes:  

  •  Review of all documents (Civilian/Military) for developing content.
  •  Analysis of keywords from the Vacancy Announcement.
  •  Being assigned to a trained and Certified Federal Resume Writer and skilled Certified Federal Job Search Trainer/Career Coach in analyzing federal job announcements, classification standards, KSAs’ and the federal application process.
  •  Your federal resume project will include a telephonic interview, analysis of the announcement, and a new design for a federal resume targeted specifically for the announcement/occupational series.  

 Your federal résumé will be developed in a manner in which it’s easily understood to the HR specialist and agency and will differentiate you.  This résumé will be sure to position you ahead of your competition.  It will showcase your personal brand from hundreds of applicants and ensure they call you for an interview! 

Convey your value to federal HR managers and capture the reader’s interest in those first crucial seconds! Distinguish yourself from the competition and show your assets to make you a strong candidate for the position.  Don’t allow them to overlook your federal résumé! Let us showcase your career highlights, and remind the federal hiring manager of your qualifications. We promise to design and deliver a dynamic federal résumé to you!   









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