If you’re an executive who is ready to create your career documents without the help of a professional writer, then this the guide to buy!

Filled with key information including what to leave out of a resume, formats that capture attention, and strategies for writing a stand-out resume, the CTL & RWA Guide to Writing Your Executive Resume is 50+ pages of resume writing information and examples. After reading the guide, if you decide you would like further assistance creating your resume then First Class Resumes is ready to help!

Whether you are a general manager or vice president, you need an effective resume. If it’s not the right time to hire a professional resume writer, then it may be time to consider purchasing the Career Thought Leaders and Resume Writing Academy Guide to Writing Your Executive Resume.  

This valuable eBook offers 50+ pages of resume writing tips, formats, and examples. The Guide to Writing Your Executive Resume also educates you in how to hire and work with a professional resume writer, should that be a future strategy for advancing your career. 

Transform a generic resume into an unforgettable, interview generating career document! For the low-cost price of $14.99 (less than buying a lunch) you can gain valuable knowledge about your resume and ways you can make a positive impact with hiring managers.


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