Entry Level Package


This Résumé Service offers an entry-level resume & cover letter for new graduates and entry level within a non management position. 


YOU WILL RECEIVE both a Resume & Cover Letter! Allow us to craft you a strong resume that says you are ready for the workforce!  Have you just graduated from college? Maybe you have 5 years or less of work experience?   

Gain the attention of the Hiring Manager today with this résumé! We will clearly outline your unique background and show them you’re a professional! Let them know you mean business today!  We will tailor a unique resume to each client to ensure your success.    

 A Cover Letter is necessary to send along with your résumé.  A résumé conveys your relevant skills and talents, but doesn’t describe why you would like to work for an organization and how your qualifications could benefit them.  Ideally a cover letter offers opportunities to expand upon the accomplishments and strengths that qualify you for the position you are seeking.  So it’s a valuable career document to have in your arsenal with your resume! Attaching a compelling cover letter with your résumé will allow you to stand above the rest! 

 We highly recommend that you purchase your professional written cover letter to accompany your resume.  We will create you a unique cover letter for you to send along with your résumé.  The cover letter will be designed based on the résumé that you possess or the résumé that we create for you.  A cover letter is a necessity and will be customized to highlight your career accomplishments to a particular employer.  Many applications call for a dynamic cover letter.  Don’t get caught without one!  

You will receive a tailored cover letter designed by us that will highlight your applicable skills and accomplishments for a specific employer. You must have a targeted cover letter to ensure maximum effect on a hiring manager!  

NOTE In order to purchase this Cover Letter, you must purchase our resume service or email us one that you already possess. We will tailor the cover letter to the resume and the job posting you are applying to.    

 *Final versions emailed to you in Word*



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